Hiii! I’m Holly.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading along while I figure out my way through life.

I currently live Vancouver, British Columbia, but originate from Brampton, Ontario (let’s just call it Toronto, that’ll help my reputation). By day I’m a Visual Presentation Manager, by night I’m a poochy mama to the best dog ever, Kea; the other half to my soul mate, A; and a few other things; little sister, daughter, friend, fashion girl, writer, cookie eater… I’m sure there’s more, but then what would you read next time you swing by.

This blog is for people who like to wake up slow on a Saturday morning and spend hours getting lost on pinterest; and on Sunday morning, sipping tea while trying desperately to finish their book and then forgetting to pick it up all week, until Sunday comes again.  For people who say ‘hi buddy’ to every dog they see.  For people that always see the glass half full.  For people that know beauty is all around them. And this blog is for people that are both constantly inspired and constantly seeking inspiration.

Oh, wait….those are all the things that describe me (man, I talk about myself a lot)…..so, if you like those things too, we might as well be friends.  Let’s hang out a while.

If you would like to get in touch with me, try me at hollyostler@live.com


  1. From the last time you showed me your blog until now,you have critiqued your blog beautifully. I like how it’s visually inviting and envelopes me with inspirational insights!. Also I wanna add, that “A” makes a great photographer. Nice pic!…job well done!

    • thanks so much Denise! your kinds words mean so much to me! I’ll pass that along to A too 😉

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