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Summer is upon us, literally….and figuratively.  Here in Vancouver there has been on again, off again heat waves and with these high temperatures I’ve been reminiscing about my childhood summers in Ontario.  Eating freezies in the basement to cool off, taking a shady place under the big maple tree in the front yard, and if we were really lucky, going for a swim in our neighbour’s pool while pretending to be the little mermaid.  All of these memories reminded me that I have never lived with air conditioning.  My house growing up was probably the only one in the city that didn’t have it*, and here in Vancouver, we don’t have it either.  Fans are my friend. Did you ever sit in front of that giant square floor fan and talk into it just to giggle at how funny your voice sounded? That was pretty much my favourite summer pastime.  Add in more freezies and I’m your girl.

I have an upcoming trip back home to ol’ Ontario-i-o (I know a chosen few will know how to pronounce that), and I’m super excited to have a few days with my Mum and sisters.  We haven’t all been together in what feels like waaaaaaaaaay to long, so the shenanigans will be at an all time high.  Until vacation time comes, I’ll keep pushing through the heat waves here in preparation for  summertime in Ontario.

Also, I love blue walls, and hope you do too. And blue freezies, and blue walls that are the colour of blue freezies.

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*my parents totally got air conditioning after my sisters and I moved out… even at that, not until after I moved back in and moved out again. 

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