changing of the leaves

Aaaaand I’m back! After a wee bit of a hiatus from the blog, I’m back and ready to wow….well, more so entertain myself and the 4 other people that may read this (hi guys!).  I’ve been putting some extra time into my shop, Elizabeth O. Vintage, this fall with partaking in a lot of local craft fairs and markets.  That means my online upkeeping has fallen to the back burner lately.  So, in order to put these two passion projects into one uniformed unit, I’m working on a new website that’ll integrate both my blog and shop together.  Until that all comes to fruition, you can visit me here.

These photos are from earlier this fall during the very short time in Vancouver when the leaves change colour.  This is just a block down from our house, and the red leaves were just the most vibrant I’ve ever seen.  We even had to wait our turn to get a chance to take some photos.  People were pulling over in their cars and and getting out their phones, trust me, our neighbourhood isn’t that busy.  I also couldn’t wait to wear this sweater, it’s the softest thing i own, and I’m a sucker for soft and cozy things.

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