Amsterdam Travel Diary

Amsterdam was busy, beautiful and mind boggling.  There were people everywhere and heading in every direction.  The skinny streets would have a car or two attempting to make their way, while cyclists would take over and zoom by, and then pedestrians would be trying to not get hit, and still look around at everything.  Until we made our way into Vondel Park did I feel chill vibes of the people a city. Here are a few things we saw, ate and visited.

Stay: Jet lag took its toll on me, so we had a couple of chill evenings hanging at our Air bnb, and gave into a nap or two.  Our Air bnb hosts were the best! A young couple that had simple, yet amazing taste in decor, but the killer spot was their backyard.  Filled with greenery, lots of seating and views of the surrounding balconies of neighbouring buildings.  Air bnb is totally the way to go in Amsterdam.

Eat:  We visited Saffrom Cafe by chance for some take out to eat in the park, perfect for Al fresco style dinner.  Staring At Jacob was suggested to us by our Air bnb hosts, it’s a brunch place, with maybe a touch of New York style.  Great spot with some outdoor eating space too.  We had a suggestion made to us from a friend that had visited Amsterdam just a few weeks before us, Mook, and were told they have the best pancakes.  They were right  The restaurant had a cool and contemporary vibe with deliciousness in the air.

Shop/To Do: We started off our sightseeing with a canal tour, a great way to get a lay of the land.  Our guide introduced us to all the different neighbourhoods and had his own little commentary about it all.  I had a couple of spots in mind to go to, and the Anne Frank House was one of them, however every time we were in the area the line up was hours long, so we opted out.  Vondel Park was a great spot to bring a meal Al fresco style.  We ventured into the park a few times during our trip.  We visited the Van Loon museum, which is a family home turned museum from the 1600’s.  It had many artifacts true to the home, as well as modern art exhibit shown amonst those artifacts.  I kinda thought we may see a ghost there, but alas we did not.  I think my favourite place was FOAM, the photography museum.  They were showing a Helmut Newton exhibit, right up my ally, as he was a photographer for Vogue, along with many of publications.  The flower market is a must do, a bit touristy, but still pretty.  As for shopping, my new fave store was amazing, & other stories.  I could have bought everything.

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