Goderich, Ontario Travel Diary

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Just look at those colours, that sunset (in the first photo) was on Canada Day and I happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture it, it blew my mind.  This was a very special trip.  It was the first time the four of us had been all together in about two years.  At first we were trying to plan a holiday where we all met up somewhere tropical, or somewhere kind of in the middle of us all, but then we remembered, Goderich in the summertime is absolutely blissful.  Of course, it helped us save a little extra money because we stayed at my Mom’s heritage home, but the adventuring was the same, as if we were somewhere new.

Now I should say that a lot of my Mom’s family lives in the surrounding area, and growing up we rented a family cottage  for many years in that same area, so we are familiar with what’s around.  However, that being said, the last time I was there, aside from my own mother’s house, and aunts and uncles houses, was quite some time ago.  So getting to know the area as an adult (who now loves to travel), I was experiencing so much in a new perspective.

Huron County is pretty much the exact thought when I hear ‘small town Ontario’.  There’s these little towns all closely knit, off of Lake Huron, and they each have something special about them.  Goderich, in particular, is where my Mom now lives, and has the cutest village square.  It has some renowned restaurants, beautiful bed and breakfasts, and even an art community.  The following is a view into our itinerary while staying in Goderich.

To do: During this trip we kept a pretty relaxed pace, but we did manage to squeeze in a few great sights.  The obvious of this area are the beaches, Lake Huron is one of my favourite lakes to swim in.  And the beach in Kincardine is the best.  This is where my family cottaged growing up, there are so many great memories there. We even visited the cottage we stayed at, but didn’t get too close, the people were home (creepers!).  The village square in Goderich hosts tons of great events, we got to watch the Canada Day parade, where everyone waves at each other, young and old, went to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, and the flea market on Sunday morning.  And I can’t forget the old family tradition of going out on Saturday night to Kincardine to watch the Pipe Band Parade.  You get to, obviously, enjoy the scottish past time pf pipebag music, but then after the band has gone by, you get to join in the parade! trust me, it’s fun.  (honourable mention to my extended family, for throwing a summer family picnic while we were there, it was so great to see everyone!)

Eat: Well, my first and foremost suggestion of where and what to eat has no comparison.  The cream puffs at Culbert’s Bakery. They are photographed a few photos down, and not to say anything else at the bakery isn’t good, the cookies and croissants and cinnamon bins, and the cakes all get honourable mention, but the cream puffs…… oh man.  One of our best dinners was at Thyme on 21, the restaurant is inside a heritage home with beautiful architectural details and the friendliest staff.  But, seriously, those cream puffs.

Shop: My favourite shop in Goderich is the Goderich Makers Market.  They celebrate all things local and all things creative.  I saw some really cool pieces made from old bike parks (as seen on my instagram).  If you’re local, or even going for a daytrip, it’s worth the adventure! The only other spot that we shopped was Giant Tiger.  I know, I know, but I can’t resist it! It’s become a family thing, that we have to go to one whenever we’re in that area.  We used to go to the Giant Tiger in Stratford along the way to visit family because it’s the biggest and best one, and we’d always find something fun, whether it be toys for the beach, or a new sweatshirt.

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the only photo I got during my trip with all 4 of us. It was taken on my phone.

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i don’t even care that this photo is blurry…. it totally captures the laughter that took place on this bridge.

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