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As someone who has recently deemed herself a traveler, I would usually think that the more exotic the place being traveled to the better, the longer the flight the more wanderlust, but, this I have learned, is not necessarily true.  There is so much to see and do right here in my own backyard.  I’ve lived in Vancouver for about 6 years now, and can confidently say I know my way around this city.  However, there’s still so much I haven’t seen or done.  Restaurants and food aside, this city has some of the best places to eat ever, and is constantly evolving, but in the great outdoors the options are endless!

We’ve started in the last year or so to have more friends and family come out to visit us, and we just love to host.  So, this means we get to show off all our favourite places, and squeeze in a few new things from time to time. Recently we had a couple of my favourite people come and visit, and the theme to their stay was as much outdoor time as possible. We hiked in Lighthouse Park, we did a day trip to Whistler, with a stop at Shannon Falls and walked the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.  These photos are just a few of the beautiful sights we saw, while playing tourist.

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